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The Rollei mailing list

To join the list, send the following command in email to “”:


Or you can send mail to “” with the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe rollei Your name

Example: subscribe rollei Torbjorn Aase <>

Here’s the general information for the list:

ROLLEI USERS GROUP: This an E-Mail subscription list for those interested in the great traditions and products of the Franke & Heidecke concern and its successors. The Group is open to all those who are interested, whether or not they currently own, or even plan on owning, any Rollei product. Discussions will be open to all Rollei-related topics, including use of Rollei cameras, collecting of various Rollei products, purchase of new Rollei gear, developments in the Rolleiwerke product line, and the history, present state, and future of the Rollei concern.