JV-1080 Music Samples

Welcome Roland JV-1080/2080 and XP user

You will find a collection of links, original patches/sounds and music examples for the Roland JV-1080/JV-2080/XP-50/XP-80

JV/XP Patches

Do you need new sounds for your JV/XP? Then you should download our patch collection containing 512 original patches and 4 original drum kits all together!

The sounds ranges from distorted backgrounds to solo instruments like “Frass Trumpet” which is a distorted trumpet with a breathe/blow sound (On “IMP JV Gold 4”), or the “Nomad Percussion” which is a distinctive ethnic “hit” sound (On “IMP JV Gold 3 & 4”). This sound can also be heard in use on the “Blue Ice” MP3 music sample. This sample also demonstrates the use of the solo voice “Raver G”, with pitch shift add-on effects.

Remember to experiment both with the pitch wheel and modulation wheel controllers, since most of the patches change characteristics and timbre quite radically when these controllers are used, giving you a more flexible patch, and thus additional sounds. Also, the patches are programmed with as few external effects as possible, so they won’t lose their characteristics when used in a performance / sequencer setup.

They come in std. SYSEX format, and can easily be transferred to your JV/XP.